Call Recording


  • Monitor how calls are answered. One of our clients was shocked by what they heard: “We had no idea that our employees were sending our customers away!”
  • Great training tool.
  • Hear what products or services customers request most and tailor your inventory to match.
  • The online dashboard gives you access to your calls anytime from anywhere.
  • Having a saved record of your calls is really handy for referencing details.
  • You can also purchase numbers a la carte – they are great for tracking how specific ads or campaigns are working.

Your new customers will speak for themselves

Our call recording service is return on your investment that you can hear. We offer the ability to record customer phone calls that come in through our campaigns, and the first 50 recordings are included free so you can see how well it works.

This tool will allow you to track how your campaign is performing in real, tangible customer calls.

It’s also vital in helping to understand the way your staff relates to potential customers. Listen to what your people are doing well and where they can improve, use your call bank to train employees to convert your new calls to new sales!



Ready to fine tune your customer service with our Call Recording service?

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